Adding options: cost price for modifiers

Hi, Would it be possible to add a cost price option for modifiers? This would assist greatly in keeping the food/item cost accurate.
I think it would also be handy to have a stock number (quantity) counter for Modifiers.
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Just want to follow up for this inquiry as I also have same concern. We are selling Ice Cream and the customer has an option to add toppings (such as candies, oreo, etc) as modifier. In the modifier list, we can put the price but the cost has no field. If the cashier punch in the options, on the Gross Profit, the cost of modifier is not included, thus the GP goes up.. Is there's a way to add this cost of modifier in the modifier setting?
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We are a salon and often we have customers who have longer than usual hair length and we might need to chargr extra for these. Modifiers help us to add certain value over the selling price. But it would help if we could decide this markup on the spot rather than predefined.
Hello, thanks for the suggestions. Do you run a restaurant? Or perhaps a cafe? And also how do you use the modifiers, can you give us some examples? Thank you very much! uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok