Add unit size of product in inventory

Considering that we're using different size of bottles in the restaurants i.e 750ml, 375 ml, box of 24, 12 x 330 ml, etc its important to add a unit size when creating a product. At the moment, the system is calculating based on 1000 units value which creating a recipe is at least very complicated task as we person need to calculate how much is 30ml out of 1000ml. Isn't this a job of the computer to do automatically?

So adding a unit size will help to create more accurate composition items (recipes) therefore better management of the food and beverage cost.


Great topic. I have just started using Loyverse, and I totally understand as I'm going through the same thing.
I also have come to the conclusion mentioned in the comment before me. I do fully agree with the initial request to have the system calculate automatically.
I've even been a bit put off further setup because of this issue and realised it is going to take up a lot of time and energy.

I really do hope they have a built in conversion so we as business owners and managers can simply input what goes on and carry on with our daily tasks.
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This is what we do at our restaurant. We receive stock of a beer keg of 20litres and we enter it as nonsaleable item and sale by weight together with its cost per litre.

Then we create saleable items called

draught beer 330ml,

draught beer 500ml


and within these items we use composite item and enter 0.33, 0.5 etc according to the unit that you want to sell. By doing this the stock and cost are deducted and calculated automatically.

hope that helps.

Thank you for the answer Seksun, I appreciate it!

My point here is that the system should do the calculation from 20 liters to 1-litre unit, not the user itself.

Therefore, the solution lies when you create a new item, i.e Keg Beer liters, to add the unit size, in this case, 20 liters unit. Later on, when you create the sealable (composite) item, you just need to input the desired size of the unit you sell, i.e 330 ml, 500 ml, etc.

Because, in my case, I'm using a bottle of 750 ml of vodka to make an Espresso Martini. In order to measure 45 ml of 1 shot per item, following the current setup, it will give me price discrepancy, so I need to do a manual adjustment. Imagine that you run place with more than 30 cocktails, and you have a stock of 50 items! That's manic!

So, I believe as a future request this can be very useful.

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