Add a cash breakdown at closing of shift so that Loyverse can give us an exact total rather than us counting and estimating?

Can we add a feature where at the end of a shift, loyverse asks us to enter the breakdown of all the cash in the drawer. From here it gives me a total in the drawer which should be subtracted from the open shift amount and give you a take home amount. This will help me keep track of what cash is staying in the drawers to ensure I can monitor staff and give me accurate totals rather than counting seperate and entering a value which can cause mistakes. 

Totally agree. Counting no. of notes or coins is much easier, and can be counter-checked by preset amount. This is standard feature in most of POS software.
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This would be a great addition for both start and end of shift (obviously with option to enter just the total or a breakdown that auto calculates the total) uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok